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Framing Lumber:
Full line of douglas fir.
2x4 thru 2x12, 8' thru 20' lengths.

CDX, ACX, T&G Subfloor, Treated and OSB.

Cedar, Western Red:
Clear: 1X2 & 1x3, 2x4 & 2x6
Tight Knot: 1x4 through 1x10, 2x6 & 2x8
Decking: 5/4x4 & 2x4

Finish Lumber:
CVG Fir: 1x2 through 1x8
CMG Hemlock: 1x2 through 1x8
Knotty Pine: 1x4 through 1x8 & 1x12
Tongue & Groove: Knotty Pine 1x6
Moulding: Clear Hemlock

Cabinet Plywood:
Birch 3/4", 1/2" and 1/4"

Lattice Diagonal Garden 4x8

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Cedar, Western Red:
Siding Packages, Deck packages and T&G of all types and dimensions.

Finish Lumber:
"Pulled to Length" packages of Fir, Hemlock, Maple, and TK Alder.
Toungue & Groove Pine, Clear Fir, TK FIr & Hemlock.
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Cabinet Plywood & Hardwoods:
Everything from Ash to Walnut and everything in between.

Engineered Lumber

Composite Decking:
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Trex and Fiberon

Post Caps & Lattice For Decks And Fences
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